Commerce, Law and Management postgraduate students are getting their own centre on West Campus.

YEARS IN THE MAKING: The new postgraduate centre on West Campus.
                                                                                                                         Photo: Mary Sayegh

A building is being refurbished as a postgraduate centre for students in the Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management (CLM), but it seems the staff members responsible for those students are the last ones to know.

According to Director of Postgraduate Affairs Neil Coville, the Rembrandt Gallery on West Campus “will be the first of its kind for the CLM faculty”. Yet it took Wits Vuvuzela asking questions about the building for him to be aware of it.

Coville said that building a postgraduate centre would be excellent for the evolvement of the CLM faculty. “If you look at CLM, they are not a research faculty but they are moving in that direction.”

Riaz Adam, deputy director of Venue, Space and Management at Wits, seemed to be the only person who knew what the building was for. He told Wits Vuvuzela that, “The request to have a postgraduate centre on West Campus for CLM students was put through many years ago.”

Adam added that the decision for a CLM postgraduate centre was “faculty specific” and that the decision to grant one to the CLM faculty was granted by a committee “high up” at Wits.

A postgraduate student in her first year of LLB, Amaarah Mayet, said that the centre would be “a great addition for all postgraduate students”.

“As a postgrad student of the CLM faculty, I would make use of the new postgraduate centre, as often the West Campus libraries are full and stuffy,” she added.

The refurbishment of the Rembrandt Gallery is scheduled to be complete by the end of May.