ARSHAD Suliman is a keen young minded individual who hopes to change the lives of people through his own struggles. At the age of 21 and whilst still a student, he recently started up his own life coaching company, Guided Success, which aims to help people get on track with their lives through motivational speaking, individual life coaching sessions and digital product releases. He is currently in the second year of his BA degree majoring in Psychology and Philosophy.

What is Guided Success?
Guided Success is a business dedicated to adding value to people’s lives by providing them with high quality hands on transformation coaching.

We are actively involved in solving problems and are committed to getting results. We are looking to help people turn their lives around and become the best version of themselves, to live their lives with no regrets and hold themselves to the highest standard using different life coaching and developmental techniques. I believe that the best time for change is always now.

How have your studies contributed to Guided Success?
I have used many of the new insights and tools that I have learned in Psychology to develop and implement new personality tests, as well as learning a lot more about human development in context, which is crucial to coaching.

Another important skill I have picked up during my studies is from my Philosophy class where critical thinking is imperative. This new way of thinking deeper helps a lot in the Root Cause analysis part of coaching.

What was Guided Success inspired by?
Guided Success means a lot to me because the entire business idea and content grew out of me as a young person living in a society where too many people were just going with the flow and life and ending up miserable and I could see myself following the same path. I knew that if I just kept on doing what everyone else was I would end up no different.

I would be studying a degree I hate, I would be working a job I can’t wait to leave and the misery and frustration I felt back then would only get worse. To better my own life situation I started searching for answers on how to improve myself and how to be happier. This led me to the world of personal development where there were many books written, many videos available and most valuably many mentors around.

After a few years of working on myself and greatly improving the quality of my life I fell in love with the idea of self-improvement. This coupled with the fact that I could make the journey of those in a similar position to mine much easier led me to the idea of starting Guided Success.

Which famous mentors are you inspired by?
As mentioned earlier, Guided Success was inspired by personal struggle and experiences that myself and many others face in making their mark upon the world and living to their true potential.

The structure of the business was inspired by many mentors and teachers through their ideas in their books and videos. These mentors are people such as Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Jesse and Kong, Owen Cook, Eric Thomas and many others.

What can we expect from you in the future?
My future plans for improving myself and the business is to start moving into more online videos and coaching done through a digital programme. This will help a lot of people who cannot afford one-on-one coaching, or are not in Johannesburg, as well as those people who prefer to work on themselves from the comfort and privacy of their home.