Wits community urged to donate blankets to needy students for winter season.

Wits Student Representative Council (SRC) member Azra Karim is running a winter blanket drive to collect blankets and donate them to students ahead of the winter season.

Karim says she started the drive because there are still students sleeping in lecture halls and labs with no blankets because of a lack of accommodation.

“It has started to be cold in Gauteng, just imagine how it is for someone who has to sleep on the floor or chair every day with no bed or enough blankets to keep them warm at night,” Karim said.

She says she is running the drive in her personal capacity but it also adds to her portfolio as SRC’s fundraising officer.

“It’s up to the next SRC to decide if they are going to make this an annual initiative. There is a need for this drive to continue for the sake of students. We need to work together with all stakeholders and private companies to make lives of students a little bit better by donating what we have and what we can afford,” added Karim.

Karim has already donated 10 blankets to the Wits Citizenship and Community Outreach programme (WCCO).

Senior programme advisor at the WCCO, Karuna Singh told Wits Vuvuzela that WCCO is grateful for the blankets. “The blankets will be given to students who are in emergency accommodation,” Singh said.

“WCCO also partners with VoWFM every year to run the winter clothing drive which aims to collect clothes for needy students,” she added.

Amanda Peterson who is a first-year BSC student, said that she is willing to donate a blanket because she how it feels to sleep on the floor without enough blankets.

“When I arrived here at Wits this year I slept in the lab for more than a year. It was not comfortable at all. I really feel bad for students who are still sleeping in labs and libraries wish, I could do more,” she said.

Donations can be made to Karim at the SRC offices on the second floor of the Matrix building.