House committee wants all residents to stop worrying about ‘that time of the month’.

Some of the cosmetics the house committee is hoping to get donations of.                          Photo Mary Sayegh

HOUSE COMMITTEE members at Sunnyside Residence are raising funds in order to open a cosmetics closet with female necessities. The closet will be accessible to all residents by the end of August.

The house committee is using women’s month to raise funds or receive donations in the form of money or supplies. They are looking to load the closet with female essentials such as sanitary pads, tampons, deodorant, body lotion, washing powder and body wash.

The idea behind the cosmetics closest was initiated by house committee member, Lerato Shabalala. The 20-year-old wrote a proposal to call on “all non-profit organisations, businesses, government, members of society and stakeholders in and around Wits University to help take care of the girl child”.

Shabalala, a third-year BA in social work and psychology student, told Wits Vuvuzela that the idea was started to accommodate all house members.

“Sunnyside residence members are scared to come forward and ask for help,” she said. “Maybe having a closet will allow the girls to come forward more openly.”

Sisanda Mbolekwa, vice-chairperson of the house committee, said that all residents will have access to the closest. “Having this closet will make the residence homelier. With just over 280 girls in the residence, we want girls in the residence to relate to the space a bit better,” said the third-year BA in media studies and politics student.

A resident, first-year BA Law student, Nondumiso Mabuza, said she believed in the cosmetic closest vision.

“There are heart-breaking stories of young women who miss lectures every month when it’s ‘that time of the month’ and this is what Sunnyside is seeking to combat by starting the cosmetics closet,” Mabuza said.

“That way every young woman will be given equal opportunities and the struggles of being female can be that much more bearable,” the 18-year-old added.

Zizipho Asemahle Dlepu, another resident, talked about how the cosmetics closet would help uplift the sisterhood in the residence. “I feel like this initiative is what we as girls really need because we come from different backgrounds and some of us are not as affording as the others, which means some months we fall short and are not be able to acquire cosmetics.

“The cosmetics cupboard will help us to focus more on our academics as we will not have to worry about not having cosmetics,”  the first-year Bachelor of Accounting Science student added.

Sunnyside residents say they hope that all Wits residences can implement similar closets.

The Sunnyside house committee will be host a luncheon on Saturday, August 18, where everyone is being urged to contribute towards the closet.