Wits Enterprise workers celebrate heritage day in tasteful style.

Heritage day celebrations are in order. Photo: Londell Phumi Ramalepe

In honour of South Africa’s annual heritage celebration, staff of Wits Enterprise turned out in colourful tradition clothing to prepare and serve foods representing South Africa’s cultures on Friday, September 21, 2018.

Approximately 30 employees from different departments of Wits Enterprise shared foods like Mogodu, chicken breyani, chakalaka, sweet meats, Zim beans and many more South African favourites.

Thapedi Maketa, a Wits Enterprise research supporter, brought kgodu ya lerotse, otherwise known as pumpkin pap which represents her Sepedi culture.

“My mother used to cook this meal for us when we were growing up. We used to enjoy kgodu with morogo (spinach) or maotwana (chicken feet). This is definitely our favourite meal at home in Limpopo, especially during special occasions like weddings,” she told Wits Vuvuzela.

Course coordinator Ana-Lucia Choen said she brough prawn chips and spring rolls as she wanted to give her colleagues something different.

“I’m from the southern part of China called Gaungzhou and this is what everyone back home enjoys, specifically around festive times and I just wanted to bring that spirit of celebration through,” she said.

Sobongile Horo, a marketing officer, of Xhosa decent decided to bring another of South Africa’s staples, samp and beans.

“I prepared this meal under pressure because people wanted to taste umnxusho from the Eastern Cape. I also cooked home-reared chicken which we call umleqwa because you have to chase it alive before you can cook it,” she giggled.

Apart from feeling nostalgic about the food she shared with her fellow colleagues, Horo highlighted the importance of Heritage day, particularly for the younger generation.

“Now that I have a two-year old daughter, Heritage day highlights that I need to teach her first to speak isiXhosa … She need to know who she is and know more about her clan and her clan name,” she said.

Heritage Day is celebrated annually in South Africa on September 24.

FEATURE IMAGE: Wits Enterprise workers share various traditional dishes. Photo: Londell Phumi Ramalepe