Sasha Nzavtu will take over from outgoing leader immediately.

The Wits Sports Council (WSC) elected a new chairperson, chess player Sasha Nzavtu on Wednesday, September 22.

Nzavtu, who was the former treasurer of the council, told Wits Vuvuzela that although she felt that she was prepared for the position, she was in disbelief, overwhelmed and excited.

“To have the entire council entrust me with [the position] means a lot. I’m really humbled,” the second-year BAccSci student said.

The 20-year-old added, “When you’re nominated by the outgoing chairperson, you know they feel you can carry the candle and won’t burn it out.”

Chess club sports officer Tebogo Rabothata told Wits Vuvuzela that Nzavtu is a dedicated, hardworking, trustworthy and committed individual. Rabothatha added that he had contributed to Nzavtu’s growth as a chess player since her arrival to the club and university in 2016.

“I’m glad to see her in that position,” Rabothata said. “It’s great to see her grow. I hope to see her doing more good stuff. I’d be happy to see more students I’m associated with take the same path as Sasha,” the 37-year old said.

Outgoing Wits Sports Council chairperson Kamal Ramburuth-Hurt told Wits Vuvuzela that Nzavtu is hardworking, committed and that she’ll do a great job in the coming year.

“She’s the right person. She has good interpersonal skills. I think she’ll be able to use her leadership skills to guide the new sports council in achieving the goals they’ve set out for themselves,” the third-year BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics student said.

Nzavtu told Wits Vuvuzela that she hopes to make sports more inclusive. The council is currently made of more females than males. Out of the nine council members, six are female. She also hopes to improve the visibility of sports on campuses. The chess player added that she wants to improve representation of all women in Wits sports.

“Females are just as capable as men; we’re competent. It also goes beyond females and extends to gender non-conforming people,” she said. “The aim of the sports council this year is to be more inclusive of the LGBTIQ+ community,” Nzavtu added.

Takudzwa Chinamatira the WSC outgoing development officer told Wits Vuvuzela that Nzavtu is a capable and passionate leader.

“I think she’ll get a lot more inclusivity of womxn [sic] and more visibility for each and every sports club. She’s very very driven,” the fifth-year MBChB said.

Nzavtu hopes to host a Wits sports day. She also wants to encourage physical and mental health, as well as encouraging more people to join sports.

FEATURED PHOTO: Newly elected Wits Sports Council chairperson, Sasha Nzatvu wants to make sports more inclusive.                Photo: Onke Ngcuka