The Wits University Youth Choir held their summer concert at Wits Theatre.

Hundreds of Wits students took some time off from their studies to be mesmerised by the performance of the Wits University Youth Choir (WYC) in the annual summer concert on Thursday, September 4. The WYC took to the stage at the Wits Theatre in their familiar multi-coloured costumes to treat the audience to favourites like Ndikhokhele Bawo and Akhala Amaqude Amabili.

“It was all about celebrating music and showcasing South African talent. We have young people who are very passionate and soulful, and I’m sure people witnessed that today,” said Wits Choir director, Dalene Hoogenhout who has been with the choir for the past 24 years. Connar Knight, one of the choir’s recent recruits, said it was a great honour to perform to a responsive audience.

“Today was my first time performing in front of so many people. Seeing the audience singing together with us and dancing was the most precious moment which will live with me for the longest time,” Knight said. Phindile Skosana who attended the concert said she had a wonderful time listening to the choir before she starts preparing for her exams.

“I really needed this soulful moment. I couldn’t stop singing and dancing because I know most of the songs they were singing,” said the 20-year-old University of Johannesburg student.

The WYC consists of undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral students and even academic staff. Earlier this year, the group performed with South African vocalist and songwriter, Zarcia Zacheus, at the 55th Anniversary Concert. The WYC will hold another concert early next year to welcome new students to the university.

FEATURED IMAGE: Wits University Youth Choir new members took to the stage first time since the joined the choir in August. Photo: Takalani Sioga.