This is Wits Jaguar’s first loss  during the new season 

The Wits women’s volleyball team lost 3-1 to the University of Johannesburg on Wednesday April 3.

The narrow loss against the Johannesburg neighbours did not dampen the spirits of the Wits Jaguars.

Throughout each set, the team displayed a sense of positivity, with each goal- no matter the side- resulting in shouts of “Jaguars, Ahoo!”

The captain of the team, Lenah Fatah, was hopeful that the next game would see the team performing much better. She told Wits Vuvuzela, “We need to fix those unnecessary mistakes especially the passes.”

According to Comfort Munya, Wits Jaguars coach, it was not the first time that the Jaguars had played the UJ team and lost narrowly.

“It was a very painful loss”, as he had anticipated a win. The coach is confident that the Jaguars will do better as they have an upcoming tournament which will help them to improve their skills. “More game time, more practice, will give us what we want,” said Munya.

Zozo Singh, second referee, described UJ as a strong team because they are currently at the top of the league.

He told Wits Vuvuzela, “Wits has come up quite a long way from where they were, so they look promising.”

FEATURED IMAGE: Wits Jaguars in action against the University of Johannesburg at the Wits Old Mutual Sports Hall. Photo: Kgaugelo Makamedi 

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