Women’s volleyball team bags first victory of the season. 

A highly energetic match against Fairland’s Spiker-Roo saw the Wits Titans women’s volleyball team claim their first win of the season on Monday, April 8, at the Old Mutual Sports Hall.

This was their second match in the Johannesburg Volleyball Union League 2019 season after losing the first match 0-3 to the University of Johannesburg on March 13.

The Titans dominated from the beginning, winning the first point of the opening set. Spiker-Roo quickly caught up but conceded a point when a player hit the ball out of bounds into the balcony behind her.

After an impossible-to-return spike, the Fairland-based team’s coach Mthabisi Ndlovu became visibly agitated when the Titans finally took back the lead which put them at 15-14 points.

After a thrillingly long rally, the Titans continued to notch up point after point to win the set 25-21.

The second set saw the Titans take the lead early on, racing past their rivals but after conceding a point to them, putting the score at 20-15, the Titans coach Lenah Fatah levelled her players with a look and an exasperated shout of, “Come on!”

At 24-15, the Titans were serving for the second set but lost the point after an impressive save from Spiker-Roo. Their skills weren’t enough for the Titans who won the set 25-16.

A foul called by the referee in the beginning of the third set but disputed by the Titans, put the Spiker-Roos at seven points to the Titan’s six, only for them to quickly lose it again. The score was brought back down to a tie of 6-6.

This only seemed to motivate Spiker-Roo, and they rallied to take the lead.

The third set ended with the visitors winning 25-23.

The fourth set began with the Titans sailing to a 10 point advantage, putting the score at 16-6.

A series of amazing saves kept Spiker-Roo trailing behind the Titans but after they finally gained a point, the coaches from either side began squabbling.

This did not disrupt the Titans’ focus as they raced to that 25th point and won the fourth set and the match with a 25-11 score.

This is Spiker-Roo’s second loss after being thrashed 0-3 by Quantum Volleyball Club on March 18. Their assistant coach Kevin Fat told Wits Vuvuzela that, “Nerves are the only problem. Nerves get to them. I’m hoping to see more confidence from the ladies in the next match”.

Wits Titans’ captain Angelu Nyathi attributed the team’s victory to them playing to their strengths rather than trying something unfamiliar.

“Being there for each other helped us win the match,” Nyathi told Vuvuzela, adding, “I’m hoping this will be the first of more wins.”


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FEATURED IMAGE: The Wits Titans celebrate their win against Fairland team.