Wits student, wins R10 000 through Winner Winner Chicken Spinner

A WITS student won R10 000 towards his student account on Monday, April 1, at the main dining hall.

Thapelo Thabancu, a first-year BEd student, was surprised to win the Winner Winner Chicken Spinner competition. He said he had initially misunderstood how the cash prize would be paid.  Although he first thought the money would go into his personal account, Thabancu is pleased that it will help him with outstanding university funds.

The 18-year-old said everything had happened so fast, he did not realise at the time what he was signing.

“I didn’t get a chance to read it,” Thabancu told Wits Vuvuzela about the acceptance form he signed. He added, however, “I don’t think they’ve got bad intentions”.

His biggest concern was about the money transaction. He was told by the management of Wits catering that he could expect the money to be deposited by RCL Foods into his student account within the next two to three months. RCL foods is the food-producing company that sponsored the competition.

“Sometimes there is misinterpretation of an advertisement,” said Thabancu. “After I won, that is when it came to my attention. Student account? Is it a personal account or a fees account?”

Thabancu entered the competition at the Ernest Oppenheimer Hall (EOH), and by Monday, April 1, he had become one of the 10 finalists to attend an event where the prize draw took place.

The senior catering manager for Bidvest catering services, Karin van der Walt , said RCL approached Wits with the competition proposal and the contest ran at the main dining hall, EOH and Knockando.

Students could choose between a chicken burger or chicken schnitzel meal in order to receive an entry form for the competition. For smaller prizes such as caps, students were only required to spin a wheel, whereas entrants for the lucky draw had to complete an entry form and place it in a box.

“RCL [Foods] handles everything,” Van der Walt said. “The finalists sign an acceptance of prize form.”

Asked why RCL Foods chose to deposit the prize into student accounts, RCL Foods Assistant Channel Marketing Manager Trichelle Morgan told Wits Vuvuzela: “It is almost like a bursary.I don’t think there’ll be a prize as big as this.”

FEATURED IMAGE: Thapelo Thabancu, a first year Bed student receiving a cheque of R10 000 towards his student account, from RCL Foods through the Winner Winner Chicken Spinner Competition on Monday, April 1. Photo: Provided