The society of students from the land of the Rain Queen Modjadji to celebrate academic excellence of members

The Wits Balobedu Student Society (WBSS) is hosting its first academic dinner on Friday, May 10. The society, formed in 2018, is home to Khelovedu-speaking students.

According to the SA Languages website, “This language variety is associated with Northern Sotho (Sepedi) as it is regarded as a dialect of Northern Sotho. It exists only in an unwritten form and the standard Northern Sotho language and orthography is usually used for teaching and writing by this language community.”

Although the focus with cultural societies is being a ‘home away from home’ for members, the WBSS decided to incorporate celebrating the academic achievements of its members.

Molewane Mametja, a WBSS committee member, said this was an exciting development for the society because an event of this nature had not been held in the past, and therefore there were no set standards to follow.

Mametja told Wits Vuvuzela, “We decided to focus on members holistically, being the pyscho-social, cultural and educational aspect of our members. In [hosting] the academic dinner, we hope to motivate other members to improve their performance.”

Hluli Mongwe, the events co-ordinator and entertainment officer of the Khomanani Students Society which hosted an academic dinner in 2017, said, “Celebrating academics gives [members] the push to put in more hours and effort in their studies. So, celebrating academics is as important as celebrating one’s culture,” he said.