Wits student rows her way to the top.

The president of the Wits University Boat Club (WUBC) has been selected to coach the South Africa Schools Rowing Union (SASRU) development tour in London, from May 1 to May 13.

Rain de Jager, a third year BSc Occupational Therapy student, said she got selected to coach the SASRU tour team in March at the SA Schools Rowing Championship Regatta.

“Athletes get selected based off of their performance and once they are selected, all the coaches who coached them undergo a selection process,” De Jager said.

“This year they took the winning scullers (1-person boat) and winning pairs (2-person boat) coaches which I was one of,” De Jager told Wits Vuvuzela.Jenna Scott, WUBC Secretary told Wits Vuvuzela,

Jenna Scott, WUBC Secretary told Wits Vuvuzela, “Being a student athlete as well as president is already a massive commitment. Rain always goes the extra mile which is evident in the fact that she has put so much hard work into coaching schools rowing”.

Scott went on to describe De Jager as a vital member of the club who has done a great deal to recruit more female novices into WUBC.

“I have been coaching since 2015 and it has played a huge role in my life. Teaching young kids the sport that I love so much and teaching them the life skills that this sport offers is a big enough reward itself,” said de Jager.

In the UK, De Jager and her group will attend two rowing competitions – the Wallingford Regatta and Bedford Regatta where the athletes coached by De Jager and her other coaches, will compete against top schools in the area such as Eton College and Headington girls school.

FEATURED IMAGE: Rain de Jager, President of the WUBC and previous captain of the women’s squad, has gone to the UK to coach rowing. Photo: Provided