“We want to give back what we never had growing up”.

A group of 16 students from the Wits Emerging Leaders Program are developing a website to help high school students apply to South African universities on one single portal.

Zanele Simango, the group’s project manager, said this year’s plan is an attempt to achieve one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. They have chosen the category Quality Education by creating a website for high school students to help them apply for university.

“Our idea is to have a website for every single high school student that provides access to textbooks, a step-by-step guide on how to apply for university, and advises them on what to study at university,” said Simango.

Coming from different educational backgrounds, the group were inspired to create such a website to provide students with the tools they wish they had when they were in high school.

“In the emotional intelligence course I learned that even though I am leading other people, you should always put yourself first,” said the 19-year-old.

The group’s publicity and media consultant, Miriro Munodawafa (23), said the theme behind this year’s project was inspired by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Munodawafa told Wits Vuvuzela the group “is currently in the process of raising funds to assist with creating the website”.

The Emerging Leaders Program is a flagship programme created in 2007 by the Wits Development and Leadership Unit (DLU).

The DLU takes in 60 students who hold leadership positions from Wits as well as other universities, to be a part of the Emerging Leaders Program.

Neo Cindi, who leads the programme, said it is aimed at molding young leaders who display leadership characteristics.

“It is an intense programme which creates leaders who can lead without a title and help solve social injustices,” said Cindi.

Each year, students in the Emerging Leaders Program are tasked with a project through which they try to address social requirements.

“We are looking for investors who will also benefit from the website, for instance ABSA and universities,” said Munodawafa.

The group hopes to create an “equal playing field” for students to reach their full potential.

FEATURED IMAGE: Members of the Wits DLU Emerging Leaders Program.         Photo: Tumelo Modiba