The Wits community could have their nails done by medical students in celebration of Women’s Day.

Wits University medical students turned into beauty therapists for a good cause ahead of Women’s Day on August 9. A pop up beauty bar providing a range of services was hosted by the students at the Health Sciences Faculty during the week of August 5 to 8.

One of the therapists, third year medical student, Cindy Mnisi, told Wits Vuvuzela that she enjoys doing people’s nails in her free time so she was excited to use her skills in raising money for a good cause.

“Most lecturers would do anything to support students,” said undergraduate clinical facilitator and beauty bar customer, Viv Herbert, adding that it “has been nice to see students’ creative side.”

The beauty bar was organised by the Bachelor of Health Sciences Student Council (BHSSC). Council members made up the majority of the beauty therapists, whose services ranged from nail treatment to waxes and eyelash tints.

Each of the therapists earn a fraction of the money paid by clients and the rest will be donated to a women-centered charity that has not been determined yet.

The therapists’ commission and money received by charities will, however, only be confirmed once the student council knows how much has been raised.

According to former events manager of the BHSSC, Veronica Gordon, the student council raised and donated R15 000 to charity last year.

“I love it,” said Mnisi, who said that she and all the other ladies used their own equipment so that as much money as possible could go to a cause.

“I went during my lunch break today and I think they did an amazing job. It’s a brilliant idea,” said third year medical student, Gordon who was very impressed by initiative and suggested that the student council should continue offering this service for the rest of the year.

FEATURE IMAGE: Viv Herbert having her nails done by medical student, Cindy Mnisi. Photo: Stephanie Schaffrath