Witsies have new student leaders.

The Wits Student Forum (WSF) elected a new chairperson and secretary general on Thursday, August 1, at Robert Sobukwe 8.

Raees Noorbhai, a fourth year astrophysics student who is the current chairperson of both the Science faculty and the Physics School councils and is now chairperson of the WSF. Phola Ngcai who is the newly elected secretary general of the WSF is the current chairperson of the School of Literature, Language and Media council.

The 22-year-old Ngcai said, “I was very willing to help because I am innately passionate about the affairs of students and because of the fact in my council some of the mandate that the SRC deals with deeply resonates with the problems we also face as a council and together with all councils.”

The honours in media studies student said, “I saw an opportunity to do something about some of the issues and to having a louder voice when it comes to issues pertaining to humanities because a lot of the time humanities is relegated to the side and the priorities of mostly science students take the forefront”

Noorbhai sauid he aims to to focus on two particular issues; student accommodation as well as student hunger. “Issues that are university wide should be dealt with by a body that has a mandate over the whole university which what the student forum is,” Noorbhai said.

Lebohang Bosiu, chairperson of the School of Human and Community Development told Wits Vuvuzela that Noorbhai is passionate about campus life and student issues.

“He has experience in governance and therefore brings in knowledge and skills that are critical for the bearer of that position,” Bosiu added.

The WSF exists as an accountability body of the SRC and Noorbhai said the incoming SRC should always strive to do more than their predecessors. “I think we should put forward an ambitious agenda and hold our SRC to it,” he said.

Bosiu, 20, is confident about the new leaders and their abilities. “I am quite pleased with the appointment of both Raees and Phola. I have interacted with both individuals and I am confident that they will do justice to their jobs.”

“Essentially the students are who we are representing, so we call for them to consult with us because they are as important as the forum who represents them,” Ngcai said.

The student forum is representative of all student bodies including the All Residence Council, the Postgraduate Association, Student Representative Council (SRC) and All Faculty Council. Left to right, Phola Ngcai, the secretary general and Raees Noorbhai, chairperson of the WSF.

FEATURED IMAGE: Left to right, Phola Ngcai, the secretary general and Raees Noorbhai, chairperson of the WSF. Photo: Jabulile Mbatha.