The mining students give Junction residents a master class in the second division of the Wits Internal Football League

The Wits Miners Football Club outplayed the Wits Junction Football Club with a 5-0 score on Monday, August 12 at the Digz Field.

The game took off with the Junction FC players showing potential for success with several attempts at goal.

However, at 32 minutes, it was the mining students who scored, leaving the Junction players agitated and shouting across the field as the match proceeded. The latter had greater ball possession with fast running players.

In the second half, the Miners continued where they had left off, and Junction’s frustrations led to a red card after their midfielder Thabiso Rafanyane head-butted Miners midfielder, Katleho Rakoma.

Tensions continued to be high as the game drew to a close with the Miners scoring the last two goals at 86 and 89 minutes, causing Junction supporters to turn away from the match in frustration.

Junction FC coach Mookameli Moeketsi shrugged his shoulders when asked what had gone wrong considering his team’s previous wins.“We have agreed as a club that we have lost our way and there is a lack of discipline, looking at the red card we received. There is no structure in the team anymore and fitness levels are concerning,” he said.

Kaizer Maphanga, coach of the Miners FC  was pleased that his players had performed as instructed. “When we had the ball we looked very dangerous in the sense that we were able to move quickly with the ball to the opponent’s defence. They could not match our pace, especially on the right hand side,” he told Wits Vuvuzela.

“The playing strategy was to understand the coach’s formation and try to give it [our] all whilst enjoying the game as it is. Without the element of enjoyment, it is not worth trying,” said Thulani Caleni, a second-year mining engineering student and Miners FC striker. He added that his team was working towards promotion to the first division.

FEATURED IMAGE: Two Miners FC players on the ground during the match against Junction FC. Photo: Jabulile Mbatha