Reith victorious against Braam centre in the Wits Internal Netball league.

Braam Centre was handed a 19-13 defeat by Reith at the Bozzoli Sports Pavillion in the Wits internal netball league on Thursday, August 15.

The first quarter of the game got off to a rough start as Braam Centre struggled to defend giving Reith a 6-3 advantage.

The second quarter looked to be a promising for Braam Centre but four points scored by their opponents in the first five minutes left Centre’s spirits deflated. The quarter ended with a score of 5–1 to Reith.

A scrappy game led to a number of injuring including a shoulder injury to Braam Centre’s goal defense Tshepiso Makhene who cried out in pain during the 3rd quarter.

Makhene was removed from the game for medical attention but he was unable to return leaving Braam Centre at a disadvantage.

Tensions mounted on the sidelines as both coaches realised that the scorekeepers had made mistakes in the reocrding of the third quarter.

Reith’s head coach, Fanelesibonge Msweli, insisted the score was 4–4 but after a heated exchange with referee Fhulufelo Faith Ratshitanga, it was decided that Braam Centre had won the quarter 4-3.

The first two minutes of the last quarter of the game came with yet another injury to one of the players. Braam Centre wing defense, Makgehle Ramokgopa,  fell on her back and was unable to stand as she was visibly in pain but was able to soldier on back into the game leading to a 5-5 scoreline.

Reith erupted into cheers of celebration as soon as the referee blew the final whistle but the coaches were not impressed at how recklessly the score keepers were doing their jobs.

Msweli told Wits Vuvuzela their win was attributed to “not losing the ball and making sure we take our chances upfront. We were clinical upfront so that made us win the game and just playing our game and not being flustered by the defense and trying to play at their speed.”

Braam Centre coach, Nolusizo Mlityawo, blamed her team’s loss on careless mistakes.

“My girls were under pressure and they were losing balls unnecessarily which is not how they normally play and I am very disappointed,” she said.

Reith captain Sinazo Mngabi said her team needs to improve their play for the next game.

“We need to improve upon defense and the silly mistakes we made like stepping and handling.”

Reith previously won against Youth of Peace with a score of 33-8 and are due to play again against Girton on August 22.

FEATURED IMAGE:  Braam Cenytre’s Makgehle Ramokgopa is assisted by players after injuring herself during the netball internal league match. Photo: Lwandile Shange.