“My goal the whole year was that I do my best when I go and compete.”

A WITS student from the Tang Soo Do Club was named as a finalist for the Gauteng Sports Awards (GPSA) Sportswoman of the Year Award on September 5.

Second-year computer science student and former chairperson of the Wits Tang Soo Do Club Anushka Monema was announced as a finalist for the awards, which will be held at the Sandton Convention Centre on September 29.

Makgabo Mahopo, Wits Tang Soo Do chairperson, told Wits Vuvuzela the committee of the club were responsible for selecting the nominees.

“We sat down together to select who gets nominated for what, based on what they have done throughout the year, whether they are deserving and if they have been consistent with their training; then we decide who is selected,” said Mahopo.

Mahapo added that the committee looks at the martial artist’s medal count to see that they “produce results and they improve” their craft throughout the year.

Monema told Wits Vuvuzela, “My goal the whole year was that I do my best when I go and compete. You can be a very hard-working person, and then your medal count will show whether or not you have been working hard.”

Monema was nominated for two awards, including most promising, at the same time she was selected as a Sportswoman of the Year finalist.

The three finalists for the category, including Monema, received cash prizes of R10 000 after the announcement. The winner will receive additional prizes, which will be given during the award ceremony.

Monema said, “I know that I am up against big guns because we are a very small club and Tang Soo Do is not really popular, like other martial arts.

“If I do win the GSPA Sportswoman of the Year Award, I think it would be encouraging for other women out there, because no matter your size or no matter where you come from, you can still win and inspire other people out there, especially women.”

FEATURED IMAGE: Anushka Monema fiercely in position at a Tang Soo Do tournament at Wits University. Photo: Provided