First-year science students gear up for the journey Wits has in store for them.

Professor Nithaya Chetty, the Executive Dean of Sciences told first-year students to focus on this year and to take each day as it comes.

“Unlike other faculties, the faculty of science has a full and intensive academic syllabus and it is important that you work hard this year. You have plenty of time to have fun”.

Professor Chetty informed the first-year science students of the resources they have at their disposal during their academic time at Wits. “We have set up a psychologist within our faculty to assist you with your mental health needs.”

The Executive Dean brought it to the Witsies’ attention that the university’s ‘N+2” rule which states that “a student who fails to meet the minimum requirements of study after he or she has reached or exceeded the maximum time (N+2) for the completion of the degree shall not be permitted by Senate to renew his or her studies with the university.”

Chetty emphasized that students have a limited time to complete their degrees, they are only given two chances to fail, if they fail more than two times, they cannot return to complete their degrees.

Jerome September, the Dean of Student Affairs warned the first-years of falling into the trap of ‘imposter syndrome’ which makes students feel as though they do not belong at Wits.

“You came to Wits through the front door and not through back door deals. Your hard work earned you a place at this university.”

FEATURED IMAGE: First-year students listen intently to Professor Nithaya Chetty’s dean address. Photo: Tumelo Modiba