Wits Internal Football League held their first ever PVM Cup.

The Wits Internal Premier Football League kicked-off with the PVM Cup tournament on Saturday, February 29, at the Wits Digs Fields.

In the men’s division, the first round saw Knockando FC face Ernest Oppenheimer Hall (EOH) FC while Yale Village went head-to-head with Men’s Res FC.

EOH F.C. and Men’s Res F.C. both won their matches, which each teams making it to the final. EOH FC drew 2-2 with Men’s Res at full-time, which led to a penalty shoot-out.

EOH emerged victorious after the penalty shoot-out 2-3.

In the women’s division, Sunnyside Residence took on Reith Hall in the cup final with Reith winning 3-1.

The Wits Internal Football Premier League is an exclusively male league but the women’s teams were allowed to participate in the Cup tournament.

Sanele Mkhize, captain of the Reith Hall team said, “Women, like men, stand a great chance of participating in a league of their own. We are just as strong and talented and if we’re given more opportunities and exposure we will most certainly perform.

The Wits Internal Premier League consists of 8 teams based at Wits University.

FEATURED IMAGE: PVM Cup women’s division winners, Reith Hall residence, pictured at the PVM Cup tournament. Photo: Provided