The halaal eatery that first opened on West campus has opened a second branch.   

A popular fish franchise has proved so popular among Wits University students that a second branch has opened at the institution. Jimmy’s Killer Express opened a second branch in the Matrix on Wits University East Campus on Wednesday, February 26, after experiencing a high demand at its West Campus franchise.

Tasneem Gani, who graduated with a BCom in accounting management from Wits in 2018, noticed a large gap in the market for halaal food on campus while she was a student.

She told Wits Vuvuzela, “My friends and I had to go off campus when we wanted to buy food, because the halaal food on campus was not up to standard.”

Gani then approached her parents with the business venture of opening an eatery on campus. The family then approached the Jimmy’s franchise and decided to open one on West Campus in 2019.

After experiencing such a high demand the family decided to open another store on East Campus.

“The stall on West Campus was too small to meet the demand we were getting, especially from deliveries,” said Gani.

Jimmy’s aims to offer a large variety of choices for its patrons on a student budget.

“When we spoke to the [Jimmy’s] franchiser, we asked if they were willing to alter their menu for a student budget,” said Gani.

Zachary Mac, a first-year biological science student, said the food is “very delicious and it is well priced for its portions”.

Besides offering burgers and chicken, one can also get kotas, rolls with various fillings and sharing options such as Gatsbys and full chicken.

Although most patrons were very happy with the prices, there were some mixed reviews.

Dario Eugenio, a third-year BA student visiting from the University of Pretoria, expressed disappointment with his samoosa, describing it as “lacking the Indian spice”, he was expecting.

FEATURED IMAGE: The Jimmy’s in the Matrix on Wits East Campus opening for business in the morning. Photo: Tshepo Thaela