Thobekile Moyo is an honours student in journalism at Wits University. The following photographs were taken at her home in Centurion. 

This series of photographs build a narrative that is a reflection of a part of my imagination. The photos become a visual representation of what I believe to be the inherent duality that humans possess. I have showcased my love of theatrics and the need to personify my alter ego. Wasabi Jackson (the alter ego), is being juxtaposed with Thobekile Moyo (the host), by comparing the way they have been spending their days during lockdown. 

My alter ego was created in order for me to bring my fantasies to life, as well as embody a person that is a bit more of a socialite. As Thobekile, my personality is quite decorated in the sense that I enjoy being dramatic, which also ties into my love of art and music. However, I often feel like I need to suppress my oddities because of my fear of judgement and social anxiety. So I tend to subdue my character in public spaces, to a point where it becomes involuntary. Wasabi Jackson not only represents the energetic side of me, but she also represents the darkness within me that I have had to learn to deal with. 

As a result of the Covid-19 lockdown, Thobekile Moyo and her alter ego, Wasabi Jackson, are forced to contain life within the boundaries of their property. While one half has handled the arrangement quite well, the other has been quite vocal about her frustrations. This is what they got up to on April 20 and 21. 

Thobekile has found gardening quite therapeutic at a time like this, and has been basking in the freshness of nature as opposed to the nocturnal indoor lifestyle. She is lucky enough to have a lively garden that can change her mood instantly. Getting natural hair care and skin care products is going to be a lot more difficult for her during lockdown, so she is planning to start making her own, with the variety of plants found in her garden. 

Pretending to be a spider on the wall was initially the closest Wasabi has managed to get to nature. Being theatrical and defiant is how she copes with life in general, and chose to embody a spider in order to mark her territory, and keep people away from her space while she mourns her ‘club kid’ days in the 80s. As a woman who enjoys nightlife and fashion, she feels completely out of her depth being in isolation. She had never spent her time at home two nights in a row, and this has also had an effect on Thobekile because she used to spending those nights studying while Wasabi is away. 

If you thought Thobekile could not achieve a deeper state of peace, you were wrong. She has been selfish by playing a saxophone loudly with a cracked reed for 2 hours at a time. However, she seems to be getting slightly frustrated with the fact that she is unable to go to a music shop to buy more reeds, so that she can play some real music. On the bright side, this set back has encouraged her to start working on her lung capacity.

Wasabi has finally given in to the isolation process the only way she knows how to; with pretentiously extensive self care. This definitely did not happen without constant encouragement from Thobekile.  With her kimono and sunglasses on with a non-alcoholic mimosa in hand, she gave nature a chance by allowing the sun to set her face mask. To stay true to her theatrics and attention seeking, she decided to put on some heels and rested her feet on an unplugged foot spa. 

Given the potential rise in domestic conflict, Wasabi and Thobekile will be finding ways to make their time together bearable, until the Covid-19 outbreak is no more.  

FEATURED IMAGE: Thobekile taking in the fresh air and sun rays during the Covid-19 lockdown. Photo: Thobekile Moyo.