Scientists say the likelihood of achieving herd immunity against the covid-19 virus is improbable.

The term herd immunity has been around for 100 years but does not apply to covid-19. This is because the virus has characteristics that hinder achieving herd immunity, such as the virus’s ability to mutate rapidly. Scientists suggest that this term should be replaced with “population effective protection”.

The characteristics of the virus also suggest that everyone will get it eventually. The most likely scenario is that the virus will continue to spread in a series of smaller waves. This scenario is not as bad as it sounds if there is a mass vaccine rollout to protect the elderly and those with comorbidities.

The infographic below explains why it is a race for people to either get infected or get vaccinated. Covid-19 vaccines are the only way to ensure population effective protection.



FEATURED IMAGE: A student uses hand sanitizer in front of covid-19 regulation signs. Photo: Sumaya Mamdoo.