Individualised learning, teacher development, educational resources, infrastructure and parental involvement are all needed if students are to excel.

Parental involvement is key in achieving academic success – this was one of the takeaways from a seminar on holistic education hosted by Mookodi Mokoatl, an engineering student at Wits University.

The seminar, titled ‘Holistic Investment in Education’ was facilitated by Mokoatle at Wits main campus on April 21, 2023.

“We cannot expect, especially black parents, who were never exposed to the same education system to support their children education-wise. That is why Lehae Arcadia is there to bridge that gap, to support parents and show them different ways to involve them in their children’s educational lives,” Mokoatle said.

He added that that lack of adequate resources and infrastructure are among the disadvantages that prohibit quality education, and actively distress and derail teachers and lecturers in the facilitation of classes.

“The goal is to promote a more sustainable and equitable future for all through comprehensive learning,” he said.

Guest speaker, Dr. Ben Mahadu, associate lecturer at Wits said, “Education needs financial resources because ultimately, it needs to produce marketable graduates who will know how to communicate, who will understand leadership skills and know how to do presentations.”

Another guest speaker, Dr. Bernard Langton, college principal at CBC Mount Edmund said, “We need to probate the private sector, which is the business sector, to get involved in education.”

Langton emphasised collaboration across sectors and reminded attendees that while “the legacy of apartheid is present, we can’t always blame the apartheid regime”.

David Saleh, one of the attendees and Mokoatle’s colleague said, “The seminar has helped me understand my purpose, that I am here to innovate and to impact change, and simply not be a workforce.” Bachelor of Education student, Kamogelo Chauke said, “I attended the seminar with intention. Hopefully, we can start our own Holistic Education Institution that will break beyond the boundary of the current curriculum.”

Mookodi hopes to use his engineering expertise to further develop his educational consulting company, Lehae Acadia and hopes that one day he could become a teacher because of his great passion for education.

FEATURED IMAGE: From the left: guest speaker Dr Ben Mahadu, Dr Bernard Langton, host and CEO of Lehae Arcadia Mookodi Mokoatle, CEO of AnalyticsX Talifhani Banks and David Saleh at the far right are listening to Dr Irene Kamar as she renders her presentation at the seminar. Photo: Mojela Mahlatsi /Supplied