On a chilly evening, Hurricanes FC sank Student Digz FC in thrilling 3-0 victory. 

On Thursday, May 16, 2024, Hurricanes FC edged closer to the top of the Premier League by putting three goals past Student Digz FC at Wits Sturrock Park Stadium. 

In a tense atmosphere, the first half was openly contested as both sides played free-flowing football. However, the home side proved why they were worthy title contenders, while the visitors were toothless in front of the goal. Both teams were positive in their approach, but Hurricanes’ brilliant use of possession gave them the lead at halftime, as Student Digz FC struggled to find the net. 

During the second half, the away side’s patience wore thin as they failed to convert every chance they created. Nothing seemed to work for Student Digz FC on the night. The home side’s defensive stability enabled them to put together cohesive passes, resulting in a second goal. The drop in spirit among the visitors was evident, allowing Hurricanes FC to punish them further by scoring another goal. 

The match was a fiery battle with tackles flying in from both ends. These tensions spilled over to the touchline as angry spectators from both teams clashed. The fans had to be separated by the players and technical teams of each side. 

Hurricanes FC players celebrating, after scoring a goal. Photo: Rivaldo Jantjies

Speaking to Wits Vuvuzela, Power Mngomezulu, the head coach of Student Digz FC, commented on his team’s performance, “I think the gents played so well, just that we were so unlucky.” Mngomezulu emphasized that if his team had converted their chances, they would have won the match. He believes his team was playing well and said that they are planning to come back stronger. 

Heading into the match with confidence after winning their last two games, the home side exuded high spirits. They sent a clear message to their rivals by delivering a commanding performance. 

Irvin Slwane, the head coach of Hurricanes FC, said he is: “So proud of our win, it was a very tough game.” Slwane emphasized that the away side is a formidable team, noting the extensive preparation required ahead of the match. He also mentioned that his side draws inspiration from the away team. 

In the aftermath of the match, Hurricanes FC held onto their third position in the Premier League of the Wits Internal Football league, with a game in hand over the two teams above them. Student Digz remained at the top but now shares points with the two teams below them.