Be part of the international movement that encourages you to think about environmental issues and what can be done to solve them one light at a time.

ONE HOUR IS ALL IT TAKES! The official logo for the movement. Photo: Provided It is that time of year again, the time to turn off all the lights around you and encourage others to do the same. Earth Hour 2016 is finally here and this year’s main focus is to think about climate issues.

Earth Hour officially started in Sydney Australia in 2007 as a simple event and since then it has now become a global initiative supported by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Today it has participants from170 countries across the world.

The aims of this project are to introduce the public to different environmental issues and highlight the importance of climate issues. Every year there is a different theme with Earth Hour drawing attention to the associated issues and what can be done to work together to bring about environmental progress.

This year’s focus is on climate change and practical steps to stem its impacts. The project’s goal is to inspire individuals to engage with others around them; organisations and businesses to join the movement and spread the word on climate issues.

Earth Hour is a simple, yet effective project that gets people from around the world to stand in unity for the planet and the environmental issues the planet faces on a daily basis. The outcome of 2015 saw the project become the world’s biggest global movement for the environment. Participants can partake in the movement by simply switching off all lights around you for Earth Hour and use the time to reflect on the possible ripple effects.

What can you do to be part of the movement?

Be part of a global movement from the comfort of your own space and add to making a small difference that gets collected worldwide in the direction of environmental issues awareness.