Stress less with a new wave of Secret Sunrising

Secret Sunrisers

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, keeping a straight head is becoming increasingly difficult. A new craze is sweeping major cities in the country, with the hopes of destressing the overly-stressed in a somewhat alternative method.

Introducing “Secret Sunrise”, a popup gathering focusing on meditation and movement that is gaining traction in South Africa.

“a fresh start to the day”

Taking place in undisclosed locations the point of the gathering is to get participants to start their day in an upbeat manner. Sunrisers start by meditating and then let loose to a series of instructions from three trainers through wireless headphones which are provided. The sessions end with more meditation and positive affirmations for a fresh start to the day.

” freedom to let go”

Jamie Deron, the organiser of Secret Sunrise Johannesburg, says the movement started spontaneously with a group of people in Cape Town. The first Secret Sunrise happened early last year and has since moved to Stellenbosch, Durban, Johannesburg and more recently Pretoria. “Our objective is to give people a platform to experience happiness, to give people the freedom to let go,” says Deron.

“release energy”

Dustin Jordan, one of the participants of the robot-themed Secret Sunrise that took place in Johannesburg last month, said he found himself in a better mood after the session. “I really think they (Secret Sunrise) are onto something because in the fast paced life that we lead in Joburg, you need something to release energy,” Jordan said.