Braamfontein is known for having costly restaurants that aren’t exactly budget friendly for students. These are some of the outlets serving the best value takeaway lunchtime meals, all for R25 or less.

  • Kota Republic

Kota Republic sells African fast food meals at affordable prices. For R25, you can get chicken with either pap, rice or vegetables. If you are looking for greasy comfort food, Kota Republic is exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Fateema’s Express

Fateemas express offers an array of spicy Indian takeouts. The prices are suited to student budgets, with a chicken mayo roll, russian and chips, steak sandwich and vegetable or chip bunny chow, all costing R25. The other foods on their menu includes samoosas, rotis and burgers.

  • Senhor Chicken

Senhor Chicken serves Portuguese cuisine and is known for its peri peri sauce. Chicken and chips will cost you 90c more than R25, while all of the salads and sandwiches are even less, making this a tempting choice.


  • Ko’Spotong

Ko’Spotong offers African takeaways at prices that are geared towards students specifically. R25 will get you two pieces of chicken and chips. You can expect cocktails and comfortable, pillow-clad chairs along with your meal.

  • The Fish & Chips Co

The Fish & Chips Co stays open until late, has air conditioning and free wifi in store. A meal of either a drumstick, russian or hake, served with chips will cost you just less than R25.

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