A series of fashion talks held recently in Sandton City’s Diamond Walk, offering insights into the key trends and movements in the South African fashion industry. 

1. Textiles

A rise in ‘buy local’ campaigns is trending once again, aiding the industry which has struggling to compete with the influx of cheaper merchandise from Asian countries, most notably China. South Africa’s clothing and textiles industry has suffered in the last 15 years, while China has succeeded in exploiting these weaknesses. The government’s focus on sustainability is therefore a welcomed trend.

2. Fashion

Trends for this winter season, as predicted by Aspasia Karras, publisher of Time’s Media’s magazine supplements, include stripes, jewelled tones and looks inspired by the 1970’s. Karras also found trend inspiration from luxury retailer Gucci’s ‘geek chic’ collection.

3. Black Consciousness 

The 70’s trend in particular pays homage to the revival of black consciousness ideals. Similarities in South Africa between the movements and sentiments during the 70’s and now can be made, which is being reflected in fashion. Beauty looks centred around ‘Black is beautiful’ will dominate trends this season.

4. Beauty

The A/W 2016 looks include dark lips (think ox blood, purples and black) and eyeliner, either graphic or messy. The major beauty trends for the season is ‘strobing’, which is simply heavy-handed highlighting of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and on the brow bone. This dewy makeup, which has traditionally been reserved for spring will bring life to winter.

5. Fur 

The controversial topic of the use of fur was discussed, with many designers now incorporating technological advancements to use faux fur rather than real. South Africa currently has two ostrich farms, used by the likes of Prada and Hermès, which have recently come under fire by animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

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