Natural products in the business of making black women’s lives easier

Photo: Tebogo Tshwane

Photo: Tebogo Tshwane

WHEN one sees her lush, full afro, one is not surprised to learn that in her spare time Molebogeng Mangoale runs a small business making and selling natural hair products.

Black Queen Hair is an organic hair care range inspired by other queens who wanted to go natural but were deterred by the expense and scarcity of natural hair care products. Molebogeng saw a gap and filled it with products ranging from unrefined shea butter to a hair moisturiser and oils.

“I wanted to offer natural hair products that are great to use, affordable and easily accessible,” said Molebogeng.

Molebogeng’s natural hair journey began in 2011, the year she stopped relaxing her hair. The journey was not easy, and she admits that she “had no information whatsoever” on how she could take care of her hair and also what products she could use. “Eventually my hair started shedding”. For the next two years she went bald until 2013, when she became inspired by other black women growing their afros and decided to grow her hair again, this time researching ways to take care of it.

Three years later the student has become the master. Today Molebogeng juggles the natural hair care business with studying part time towards a journalism honours degree at Wits and working full time as a digital marketer for Ndalo Media.

She sells her products on Instagram @blackqueen_hair and Black Queen Hair on Facebook.