Wits basketball team participates in league games and look forward to their upcoming games. 

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LAST week the Wits Horny Bucks and Wits Buck Ladies participated in league games that resulted in great wins and sour losses for both teams. The Wits Horny Bucks won their Gauteng University Basketball League (GUBL) game against the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) by 109-19 points at full time. The Wits Buck Ladies played against the first team Wits Lady Bucks team and lost by 20 points to 103.

“We’ve had impressive performances this past weekend,” said Wits Basketball media officer, Koketso Kgogome. “The highlight for the weekend has to be the GUBL game, Wits Horny Bucks v TUT. We won by 92 points, that’s definitely a good start to the league and we could potentially see our boys winning USSA again,” said Kgogome.

Kgogome showed optimism about the future prospects of the team. “[The] Wits Lady Bucks, if they continue their strong run, could regain the USSA championship title,” he said.

This weekend, the Wits Horny Bucks are expected to compete with rival opponents Vaal University of Technology (VUT) at the University of Johannesburg Soweto Campus.

Head coach of the Wits Horny Bucks Tshiamo Ngakane said, “Wits goes into the game as National Champions, a title we took from VUT. I think they are going to come out with a lot of energy and a lot to prove.

“Building a team and making sure they are ready when it counts is a process”

Especially with them having a new coach this year. They want to get back to the top as soon as they can. For us our team is very different this year.

Wits Buck Ladies captain Gugulethu Baloyi said the ladies are working hard on their fitness because that is one of the keys to winning and out-running their opponents. The Horny Bucks are said to be putting in their fair share of hours to be ready for their face-off with VUT this weekend.

“Building a team and making sure they are ready when it counts is a process. That process is bigger than the game this Saturday. To be fair it has not been a focus so much. That said it’s a derby and Wits players would rather die than lose to VUT. You can feel it in practice already,” said Ngakane.

On the other hand the Buck Ladies are a team with a lot of dynamite and fire power. “We are the underdogs and definitely a team to watch out for,” said Baloyi.

Baloyi’s strategy is to play at the strength of each participant to claim the victory. “We are also going to maximise the strengths of all our players and increase the efficiency of our team by using the diverse range of talent that we have, from the post players, the shooters, the point guards and the smaller players on the team,” she said.

The Wits Buck ladies appear confident of an imminent victory in their forthcoming games. “After the crushing defeat last weekend against the Lady Bucks, we realised that we just need to work on getting our nerves out of the way before we play a big game and overall improving our defence,” said Baloyi.


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