The Wits Martial Arts team scooped 38 medals at a recent competition. 

Wits University’s martial arts team scooped 38 medals at the South African Combat Tang Soo Doo and Haedong Kumdo Championships on Saturday.

Close to two hundred and fifty competitors joined the tournament which was hosted by Wits in Johannesburg. The medal winners are all in line for selection to represent the country at the TSD World Championships which will be held in South Africa next year.

Master Gregory Hart who is not only the coach of the Wits TSD Teams but also the General Secretary of The Martial Arts Association of South Africa, said that despite the pressure of preparing for the championships “the club has been fantastic … all the students pitch in and help with running the logistics of the floors, and help out as officials”.

Combat Tang Soo Do a traditional martial art which includes weapons, empty hand fighting and empty hand forms and patterns and the Korean sword art Haedong Kumdo which is a separate martial art focusing on the sword were categories in the Championships.

11-year-old Katso Liphoko from Alchemy Martial Arts, won one gold, two silver and one bronze medal in various categories he has been competing in for three years. “My favourite category is traditional forms because it looks different but the sequences are the same,” he said.

Wits Martial Arts competitor Madimetja Malebana, 21, who represented South Africa last year, said “you get to learn about yourself spiritually, mentally and physically”, through martial arts.


Wits Combat Tang Soo Do and Haedo Kumdo Korean Sword Results:

Category: Mens Black Belts, 18yrs & over;

Titus Masike, 24, 2nd Dan, Wits, GT, took Bronze in Point Sparring.


Category: Coloured Belts, Mens & Ladies Korean Sword Arts

Kim Lucas, 23, Green Belt, Wits, GT, won Silver in Sword Forms,

Madimetja Malebana, 21, White Belt, Wits, GT, took Gold for Sword Forms


Category: Men’s Red to Cho Dan Bo Belts, 18 years & over;

Refilwe Gomba, 21, red belt, Wits,GT, SBN Greg, Silver Traditional Forms, Silver Modern Forms, Gold Long Weapon, Silver in Short Weapon.

Kim Lucas, 23, Cho Dan Bo, Wits, GT, SBN Greg, won Gold in Point Sparring, Gold for Traditional Forms, Bronze in Modern Forms, Bronze for Long Weapon and Gold in Short Weapon.

Michael Schrenk, 24, red belt, Wits, GT, SBN Greg, took the Bronze in Traditional Forms, Gold for Modern Forms, Silver in Long Weapon, Bronze for Short Weapon.


Category: Men’s White to Purple Belts, 18 years & over;

Jichandre Sambo, 21, White belt, Wits, GT, scooped Gold in Point Sparring.

Linda Lubisi, 20, Purple belt, Wits, GT, earned Bronze in Point Sparring , Silver Traditional Form and Silver for Long Weapon.

Makana Matthews, 21, white belt, Wits, GT, won Gold for Traditional Forms.


Category: Ladies Green to Red Belts, 18 years & over;

Paige Edwards, 20, Green belt, Wits, GT, SBN Greg, Bronze Point Sparring, Silver Traditional Forms and Silver for Long Weapon.

Tanita Ramburuth-Hurt, 23, green belt, Wits, GT, won Gold in Point Sparring, Gold Traditional Forms and Gold Long Weapon.


Category: Ladies White to Purple Belts, 18 years & over;

Monique Butler, 18, white belt, Wits, GT, SBN Greg, won Bronze for Traditional Forms.

Anushka Monema, 18, white belt, Wits, GT, SBN Greg, got Silver in Traditional Forms.

Makgabo Mahopo, 20, Purple belt, Wits, GT, SBN Greg, took Bronze for Long Weapon.


Category: Men’s Green Belts, 18 years & over;

Robert Makoloane, 25, green belt, Wits, GT, Bronze Point Sparring, Silver Traditional Forms, Bronze Long Weapon.

Byron Tyers, 20, green belts, Wits, GT, took Silver in Point Sparring and Silver Long Weapon

Madimetja Malebana, 21, green belt, Wits, GT, won Gold for Traditional Forms and Gold in Long Weapon.

(Provided by Wits Martial Arts)