MUSOC tells the story of transformation through perfomances held at the Wits Theatre under the theme LOVE SEX and MAGIC. 

Love, Sex and Magic was the spicy theme of The Bakery production held at the Wits Theatre on Saturday, May 13. Hosted by Musoc (Music Society), the event showcased music, poetry and dance to tell the story of transformation on the Wits campus.

Lubabalo Sawule, 2nd year BSc Chemistry, who is one of the organisers of the event said, “In a bakery there are different things that are baked using different ingredients, some are sweet others are salty, the end result is that everyone enjoys it”. Musoc facilitates The Bakery, a safe space where members strip themselves of their gender, colour and background, and express themselves through performance. Sawule says the theme was meant to challenge the audience to think deeply about how they perceive love and sex.

“Our membership comprises of over 190 people who come from different identities in terms of race, gender and sexual orientation and sexuality,” Sawule added. The membership consists of people who are artists in their own right, and because of their backgrounds they often see and understand life and the idea of transformation through different lenses.

A member of the audience, Mzwanele Ntshwanti who is studying Masters in Economics said this was not his first show; he first came in 2015 when it was held at the Library lawns. Ntshwanti said this year, the performances enabled the audience to connect with the performers and unlearn what love and sex are, adding to transformation. Ntshwanti said his favourite performance of the night was the “gay guy rapper”, who challenged the thinking that rap is for straight guys.

Ntshwanti believes that transformation is very slow but it is there he added and through music and art, Musoc contributes to the conversation.