The spokesperson for the Hillbrow Police Station has confirmed that a manhunt is underway for a UJ student accused of assaulting a Wits medical student.

A female Wits medical student laid charges of assault against a University of Johannesburg’s Soweto campus Economic Freedom Fighter student command member on July 4 at the Hillbrow Police Station.

In the wee hours of July 4 the Wits student detailed the events, on her facebook page, leading up to and subsequent to the alleged assault.

“I was in a chronically abusive relationship with Tshepo Kamvelihle Goba,” explained the student.

The victim went on to explain how as a female member of the Wits EFF she was “busy chasing rapists out of junction” only to find herself being faced with justifications of rape.

“Listening to Tshepo explain that forcing himself on me ndingafuni (without my consent) with tears is not rape,” she said.

Her reasons for keeping quiet were that she thought she could change him, that she loved him and that she could not believe that this had happened to her.

Mduduzi Zondo, the Hillbrow Police Spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday July 26 that a manhunt is underway for Goba but only acknowledged the opening of an assault case not rape.

“I had seen the allegations making rounds on social media on July 3. A case of assault was however only opened on July 4 and no arrest has been made as the whereabouts of the accused Tshepo Kamvelihle Goba are still unknown.”

Goba is a BA Human and Social Studies: Community Development student at the UJ Soweto campus.

The victim’s statement as well as the police spokesperson’s statements were contradicted by social media pictures posted on July 3 showing Goba and some of his supporters handing him over to the Hillbrow police station.

When confronted with this information of the pictures showing Goba handing himself to the police Zondo said he was unaware of this incident and would look into the claim.

Wits EFF secretary Orediretse Masebe said that “Tshepo Goba is not a member of the Wits EFF student command, he is a member of the organisation yes, but not a member of our branch and therefore in principle nor in practice, and therefore we cannot account nor defend, anyone who is not a member.”

Masebe added that “we are also of the view that the matter is too sensitive to be bastardized in a sensationalist or publicist manner. We guarantee the student our support as mentioned in our public statement and we genuinely seek to be beside her in this unfortunate incident.”