The Red Bull Campus Climb is coming to Wits for the first time and encourages students to be more active.
WITS SPORT, in collaboration with Red Bull energy drink, will stage a Campus Climb during the university lunch break on Tuesday, September 5.

The idea for this kind of race originated at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and it will be the first time that Wits hosts this race.

The Climb is a 1.2 km race from the overflow parking at the bottom of East Campus, commonly known as “Mordor”, to outside the Great Hall.

Climbing to the finish at the Red Bull Campus Climb at the University of Cape Town. Photo: Provided

One of the organisers of the race, Shannon Leibach, says that the race is aimed at students and that the main idea behind the race is to turn the walk from overflow parking to the Great Hall into a fun experience.

“We wanted to bring the race to Wits because it worked really well at UCT with the ladder-like landscape of the university and we thought the idea of running from the bottom of Wits to the top would give runners a different experience of the journey from Mordor to an eight o’clock lecture,” said Leibach.

Kabungo Mubanga, senior manager of operations at Wits Sport, says they decided to bring the event to Wits to help promote a more active lifestyle for students.

“This is one of a number of events that we have hosted this year already and we want to try to give students the opportunity to have a balance between studying and getting involved in extramural activities at the university,” said Mubanga.

Entries for the run are open to all students on campus.

Runners can register on or on the day of the race next month.



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