There is a new cool kid on the block, so look no further. Twenty-three-year old Callan Abrahams is a third year BSc Economics and Mathematics student, activist, maths geek, and entrepreneur.

Abrahams is the founder of WakeUp ShakeUp SA, an organization that is aimed at changing negative mindsets of young people, with campaigns about maths, entrepreneurial education, and motivational speaking.

“Maths to me is a language, it allows you to look at a problem and alternative ways to solve it, while also applying critical thinking,” she said.

Working with young people and children is something close to Abraham’s heart. “I love teaching, talking, empowering young people. I also love seeing young kids learning and enjoying their childhood,” she said.

Abrahams says it is the small victories that inspire her, making reference to “seeing young kids faces light up after having assisted them” or the “oh, wow moments we get from helping others”.

She believes that confidence and fear of failure are serious issues for many young people, which prevent them from doing great things. She added that, “We need to create a platform to tell our stories, we need to assess the skills we have and what we can make out of them… there’s a lot of great things we can do.”

In her spare time she enjoys going out, hiking, reading, watching YouTube videos on start-ups, culture and psychology.

Abrahams says she hopes to employ and empower more young people. She added that WakeUp ShakeUp SA hopes to assist in providing real economic solutions to the private sector, public sector, and society at large by making use of educational and technological tools.

“We also want to create sustainable opportunities for youth employment,” she said.