The cost of printing has increased by two cents a sheet from September 1. A black and white A4 sheet has increased from 39 cents to 41 cents, a 5.1% rise.
The A4 colour has increased by 4 cents from R2,88 to R2,92, a 1.38% rise. The average eight-page assignment will now cost R3,28 instead of R3,12.

Wits third-year BA law student, Nhlanhla Mchunu Thonte (21), said he was not aware of the increase and that he hardly uses the university’s facilities, “Mostly because it requires one to spend time in the library logging on to the computer, which takes forever. The system is unreliable and inefficient.”
Thonte says, “The university completely negates the fact that there are students that live without a cent. It’s even hard for them to print assignments. They rely on those that are privileged enough to print their work.”

BA general third-year student, Zipho Jukuju (21), said, “I don’t use labs because they are always full of students who misuse them for catching up on soapies and series. Moreover, the computers there are very slow. The use of printing facilities should be compensated for in the amount we pay in our modules.”  She added that she hopes the increase is not related to the speculations about the university fee increments.

Owner of the Wits Jetline franchise, Mario Michael, told Wits Vuvuzela that he doesn’t think the decision to increase printing charges will affect students who come to his store. Jetline charges 60 cents for a single black and white page and R5 for a colour page.
Michael added that there are about 20% of students who use Jetline for printing. “Unless the increase is very high compared to our pricing, students usually come to us as an alternative place, more so when they are pressed for time.

“Students probably come to our stores for the value adds, where they can email and just collect without having to wait,” he said.
Wits Vuvuzela reached out to the ICT department for a comment but they were unavailable.