Youth to stay home as the nation goes to the polls on May 8.Young South Africans say they will refuse to vote on May 8, 2019, as they do not want to affiliate themselves to political parties whom they feel are corrupt and full of empty promises.

The South African Citizens Survey Q4 revealed that out of 4.5 million eligible voters who are not interested in voting, around 1.5 million are youth aged 18-24. Reports from the Independent Electoral Commission reveal that in the category of youth, aged 18-29, there were almost 1 million fewer registrations than in the 2014 elections.

The infographic compares the number of youth registered to vote over the past three elections and gives insight from a Wits University politics lecturer and a student.


FEATURED IMAGE: Students standing in line during voter registration at Wits University in February 2019. Photo: File.