The team hope this win is the beginning of a record breaking season.

The Wits Brainwashers’ campaign for a fifth Wits Netball Internal League title kicked off with a decisive win at Wits University on Tuesday, May 7. The Brainwashers beat Monash South Africa’s team MSA 1, 35-24.

The Brainwashers had a rough start to the match after losing the first quarter 6-7. Brainwashers coach Klaas Mokgomole attributed this to his players being put in positions they weren’t familiar with.

“We tried moving them around and playing them off-position as a tactic,” Mokgomole said.

After the first quarter loss, Mokgomole returned the players back to their usual positions, a move which immediately changed the tone of the match for Wits.

The fast-paced second quarter opened with a goal from the Brainwashers. MSA 1 quickly equalised before the Brainwashers even had a chance to celebrate. But after their rivals netted their third goal, the Brainwashers raced to beat them before the quarter was up and won it 10-5.

The Brainwashers dominated their opponents for much of the third quarter. Wits’ goal attack Melissa Thando’s name was chanted repeatedly by the crowd as she netted goal after goal for the home side. The Brainwashers took the third quarter 9-6.

The fourth and final quarter saw a surge in energy and co-ordination for both teams.

Dashing from one end of the court to the other, MSA 1 managed to slot a few balls into the net.

MSA 1 coach Fhulufelo Faith Ratshitanga pleaded with her side to stem the tide of Wits goals from the side-lines, shouting “Let’s fix it!” as the Brainwashers ratcheted point after point.

The Brainwashers continued to score right up until the final whistle resulting in a fourth quarter score of 10-6 to Wits.

Ratshitanga attributed her team’s loss to tactical issues and problems with their attitude.

“Our problem is spacing and also their fighting spirit. I think their fighting spirit is lacking just a little bit,” she told Wits Vuvuzela.

“Practicing together more and practicing passes,” are what she said needs to be done to improve the team’s skills.

Mokgomole was happy with the Brainwashers’ win but was disappointed at the goal difference.

“We have a long way to go. They [MSA 1] pulled up their socks because last season we beat them by 20 points and this time it’s only 11,” he said.


FEATURED IMAGE: A file photo of the Wits netball team in action. Photo: File.