Winners holding tight to their position in the league

Hurricanes FC beat Educators FC 4-1 in the Wits internal football league at Wits University on August 15.

The game started out sloppy in the first 20 minutes with both teams battling for possession of the ball. The deadlock was broken twenty-one minutes into the game as centre-back Dilli Nankavhambe scored the first goal for Hurricanes.

The first half ended 1-1 as Educator’s Sima Khumalo scored an equaliser in the 25th minute.

The second half of the match saw both teams fight hard to gain control, but luck was on the side of Hurricanes.

Right wing, Charles Mafukata, scored the second goal for Hurricanes in the opening nine minutes of the second half.  Hurricanes’ winger, Takudzwa Kadzutu, scored the third goal shortly after, rallying the audience back onto their feet in celebration.

The game got more tense as Educators tried their best to score while the opposition was steadily maintained their comfortable lead.

Things did not get any easier for Educators as Mafukata scored the final goal for Hurricanes.

Educators’s right wing, Khumalo, told Wits Vuvuzela, “The performance was very bad today due to us not training. We need to work a bit harder.”

“The first half was very slow. The second half, the pace was much better. This was not our best game but I am happy for the win,” said Neo Lefoka, the winning captain.

Hurricanes coach Gunman Ngalman praised the team’s win, saying, “We are number two in the league … The internals have improved, and the competition is tough. We won 4-1. It was a good match.”

The winners will go on to face All Res FC on Saturday, August 17.


FEATURED IMAGE: Hurricanes FC pose for a photo after winning against Educators FC.  Photo: Rose Clemence Shayo