Sibusiso Batji takes man of the match on Magents vs Hurricanes match

Hurricanes FC beat Magents FC 4-2 in the second season of the Wits internal football league at Wits Dig Fields on August 22.

Both teams seemed prepared as the match started, but this changed when Hurricanes’ team captain, Neo Lefoka, scored the first goal within seven minutes into the game.

Magents’ attacker Nagan Erasmus’s was seen as a threat to the Hurricanes. His cruyff skills made it harder for Hurricanes to score more goals which left the supporters in laughter.

Two Hurricanes players, striker Sibusiso Batji and midfielder Surprise Maballa, got yellow cards for a rough play against him.

However, that did not deter Batji from playing his “best foot forward”. He scored the second goal for Hurricanes in the 28th minute, closing the first half at 2-0 lead for this team.

Within in two minutes into the second half, Magents’ goal-keeper, Craig Fritz for catching the ball outside the box. The situation created tension among the players from both team as the referee had mistakenly given him a red card before changing it to a yellow card.

Five minutes later the opposition’s goal keeper, Siyavuya Bika, also got a yellow card.

The game got tighter with both teams trying to keep up the pace, but Hurricanes kept missing opportunities to score.

A hat trick from Batji 45 minutes in the second half summed up a total of four goals for Hurricanes.

However, the score changed as Magents’ midfielder, Jabulani Lenkwati, scored the first goal for his team in the 53rd minute.

A fourth yellow card to Hurricanes’ center-back, Xolani Ngoma, lead to a penalty that gave an opportunity for Lenkwati to score their second at the 58th minute.

“It was quite a challenging game. What costed us most was poor organisation and players got demotivated in the first half. Hurricanes deserved it,” said Magents coach Lefa Ramawela.

Erasmus told Wits Vuvuzela,”We didn’t play well. As attackers we need to improve and defense must improve the structure.”

“The match was good although I feel like our expectations were too high. We could have scored more since we created a lot of chances. Nonetheless, a win is a win,” said Hurricanes coach Gunman Ngalman.


FEATURED IMAGE: Hurricanes FC huddle up following their win against Magents FC in the Wits Internal Football league.  Photo: Rose Clemence Shayo