A female Wits student was mugged and stabbed in Braamfontein. 

A Wits University student was mugged and stabbed while on her way to Bridgeview residence in Braamfontein on Tuesday, March 10.

The student, who has not been identified, was taken to hospital where she received medical attention and was subsequently released into the care of her parents. This is according to a Wits campus protection services officer who declined to be named.

A manager with a local security company that works in the Braamfontein area said his officers were made aware of the incident by Wits protection services around 9pm on Tuesday night. Goodworks security contracted by Wits to conduct perimeter patrols on all the university’s campuses.

Phasha Mothemane said, “We received an alert from CB1 (Wits campus protection services control room) saying a student was robbed along Eendracht Street in Braamfontein while she was walking to Bridgeview Residence around 9pm.

“The alert said the student told Wits protection services that she was robbed by knife by two black males and was stabbed on her hand during the incident,” said Mothemane.

Mothemane said, “The student reported her cell phone and book bag stolen.”

The incident happened outside College House, another student residence approximately five minutes away from the Wits main campus. College House’s building manager, Chris de Beer, told Wits Vuvuzela that he was aware of the incident saying, “As far as I know about this incident, it happened close to the building and it was not a tenant that is living at College House.”

Dean Govender, the day-shift manager at Bad Boys security, which also patrols the Braamfontein area, told Wits Vuvuzela that his company also received alerts about the incident. Govender said, “We responded to reports of a female screaming and asking for help”. Govender said, “there was a lot of commotion around the incident and by the time we arrived on the scene, the matter was already dealt with.”

The incident was reported to Wits campus protection services. Director Gary Kruser declined to comment as the matter is still under investigation. Hillbrow Police Station could not comment on the case as the identity of the victim is unknown.

FEATURED IMAGE: A Wits University student was stabbed outside College House on Eendracht Street in Braamfontein on March 10. Photo: File.