Faouzi branches out, with its first franchise in Johannesburg.  

The Uncle Faouzi franchise expanded its family of four on the 31st of March, launching its fifth restaurant on corner Juta and De Beer streets in Braamfontein. 

Bradley Dube, manager of Uncle Faouzi,Naledi Motaung and Akona Buthelezi, waiters at Uncle Faouzi Braamfontien. Photo: Dumisani Mnisi

The Halaal restaurant known for its Lebanese cuisine, also serves as the perfect spot to relax or smoke hookah with some friends. “We wanted to create a space that feels like home for everyone, says Bradley Dube, the manager of Uncle FaouziThe menu includes beef and chicken burgers, salads, a range of platters and several vegetarian dishes. “Our menu is exactly the same as our Pretoria restaurants and very cost-efficient,” says Dube.  

The restaurant was set to launch mid-March 2021 but due to covid-19 there were some supply delays. “Certain companies were shut down because of the lockdown [therefore] material was delayed” says Dube. He adds that they had to train all the new franchise staff in Pretoria which further contributed to pushing back the initial launch date. 

Speaking to the location of this particular franchiseDube says, “We wanted to provide a different experience. The space was vacant and for us it made sense to seize the opportunity.”  The restaurant is surrounded by student accommodations, learning institutionsrestaurants, and bars. The area is always bustling with people throughout the day, so it is the perfect spot for a restaurant. What sets Uncle Faouzi apart from other restaurants in the area, is the ‘convenience store’ section inside the restaurant which will be open 24 hours once lockdown restrictions are eased.  

Anqobile, a Wits student  told Wits Vuvuzela that she loves the taste of the food and that everything is easily accessible. “I’ve been to their Pretoria restaurants and I liked the food” she adds. “This is actually our first time here, we live around the corner and it sells things we enjoy.” commented Tshepo, a Rosebank Collage student while buying lunch at the restaurant. 

You will also be able to order Uncle Faouzi from the comfort of your home. It will be available on Uber Eats and Mr Delivery and you can also order-in by calling the restaurant directly. “Our menu is simple but broad, we are like a tuckshop that also sells really good quality food” says Dube. 

FEATURED IMAGE: The interior of the newly opened Uncle Faouzi franchise in Braamfontein. Photo: Dumisani Mnisi