Introducing a young student entrepreneur with big goals that pave his way into the fashion industry.  

Nathan Govender (21), a Wits University student in his second year of studying corporate finance and risk in investment management, is launching his own fashion line. 

He decided to express his love for graphics by starting the fashion line, Kustom Kingzwhich is set to launch on May 29, 2021. 

Kustom Kingz is an online business allowing individuals to dig deep into their own imagination to design graphics that can express their art on a garment. The business offers a selection of t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and oxford jackets.  

“My aim was to begin a business that will appeal to a lot of people, allow them to express themselves through the art of graphic design,” Governder told Wits Vuvuzela. ‘‘In this way people can be free to be themselves in a world where society limits you from being authentic.”  

Govender has been on four-year journey to develop the business. The main issue he faces is finding reliable print suppliers able to deliver and produce quality products in line with the goals of Kustom Kingz. 

A custom-designed hoodie by Kustom Kingz. Photo: Provided

“Each time I was not satisfied with a supplier, I would move on to the next one. I have evaluated six to seven suppliers,” he said. “The problem is, there are very few print and demand suppliers in South Africa, as it is an emerging market.”  

As a full-time student at Wits studying a demanding degree that involves finance, Govender has mastered the skill of ensuring that his time management is on point. 

With reference to Screen Time, he highlights the amount of time youths spend on their devices viewing social media such as YouTube. Screen Time is software, built into technological devices, that tracks and provides details on how much time is spent on device, what time of the day a user is most active and which apps are mostly used

“As students we make no amount of money by investing our time on our screens,’’ said Govender. ‘‘It is best that we invest our time in something that will assist us to grow as individuals and entrepreneurs.”  

Govender decided to utilise his degree to help him access other income revenues. The financial background and information he learns on his course, about shares for instance, is relevant to understanding the market and the worldIt is set to be an advantage, because it will provide knowledge on how he should sell his products, thereby ensuring he makes a profit. 

“There are many individuals who try to start a business, however [they] are not financially literate,’’ said Govender. ‘‘This becomes a problem, as they may have issues in managing their finances, which leads to an unsuccessful business.”  

Govender is committed to making a difference in South African society by setting an example as a young entrepreneur succeeding in his love of fashion. What is more, of the profit made by Kustom Kingz, 10% is donated to wildlife conservation.  

Featured Image: Nathan Govender dressed in a custom-designed t-shirt by Kustom Kingz. Photo: Provided

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