The Uplifted Life Society hosted its third annual open day.

High school students were treated to career advice and a concert at an open day hosted by the Wits Uplifted Life Society under the theme, “My Great South Africa”.

The event was hosted on Saturday, September 23, at Wits University by the society in collaboration with Pastor Ashley Sauls of the Jesus Christ To all Languages (JTL) ministries and musician, Ayo Solanke who was one of the performers at the concert.

The roughly 180 grade nine and ten students were from the Riashoma and Madibane High Schools in Soweto as well as the Eldomaine High School in Eldorado Park. The students received advice from various speakers before they were taken on a tour of the campus and finally, treated to a concert at the Great Hall.

Obedience Sedibe, a member of the society, told Wits Vuvuzela that the inspiration behind this year’s event was to let the students know that beneath all the scandal, there were still great things happening in the country and that “it is our duty to shine a light on them”.

Betty Mothoa, the chairperson of Uplifted Life, told Wits Vuvuzela that the aim of the event was to inspire the students through the theme of “My Great South Africa”. “We [Uplifted Life] believe that South Africa is great and that there are people out there contributing to greatness. We want to give them a platform to let us know what it is they do,” she said.

“Bringing the kids here, taking them around campus and giving them a tour is a way for us to inspire them. We want them to see the space, like it and feel like ‘I can be here one day’. Our belief is that we are raising leaders to take responsibility for the change we want to see,” Mothoa said.


Wits Vuvuzela, September 12, 2016

Wits Vuvuzela,, May 20, 2017