A female student has been sexually assaulted at Wits University.

A female student was sexually assaulted on the west campus of Wits University on Friday, July 27.

First-year Digital Arts student, Taliah Naidoo says that a male student groped her as she was walking past Flower Hall to her morning lecture.

Naidoo said, “There was a group of boys, most were wearing hard hats but there was one boy wearing a mask. One of the boys wearing a hard hat, grabbed my butt and held it for a while.”

Naidoo said she was shocked and angered by the incident. “The boys then walked in front of me and laughed at me, at this stage I was angry so I punched one of the boys and his nose started bleeding. They grabbed my student card off my jacket, took pictures of it and told me they would report me for assault,” Naidoo continued.

Wits Protection Services (WPS) has confirmed that Naidoo has reported the incident to them. “The area where the incident took place is covered with a PTZ CAMERA (moving camera). Unfortunately, the incident was not covered by the camera,” according to a response from WPS sent via Wits communications officer, Buhle Zuma.

“I was really hoping you could see them on the camera but you can’t see anything. You can see me running away to my lecture after the incident though,” Naidoo said.

WPS has confirmed that the group of students came from the School of Mining Engineering as they were later seen on CCTV cameras in the vicinity of the incident. “The School of Mining Engineering has been informed of the incident and will work with the Gender Equity Office (GEO) to initatiate appropriate interventions,” read the response.

The incident was reported to the Gender Equity Office (GEO) on Friday, July 27. Clinical social worker at the GEO, Maria Wanyane told Wits Vuvuzela, “We can offer support to the student and look at other means if necessary. In this instance we are engaging with the school.

WPS confirmed that the matter remains under investigation.

FEATURED IMAGE: Chamber of Mines Building School of Engineering. Photo: Elizabeth-Jane Ringrose    

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