Golden Horns swiftly make their way to victory in Wits Internal Basketball League.

The Golden Horn ladies thrashed the Blue Bucks in the Wits Internal Basketball league at Hall 29 on Friday, August 23.

The first quarter was riddled with multiple turn overs and steals by the Horns. This resulted in early frustration for the Bucks which was evident in the high foul counts and out balls.

The second quarter was not different but saw a double in scores for both teams.

This unfortunately made no difference for the Bucks as the score went from 10-2 in the first quarter for the horns to 20-4 to the Horns.

There were more shooting attempts from both sides, but the Bucks were unable to gain momentum, evident in their constant scramble for the ball.

The Horns secured their already evident win in the third quarter with point guard Modiegi Mokoka taking the court after half time.

Mokoka’s high energy and control on the ball transferred to the rest of the Horns with the team activating a strong zone defence and penetrative offence.

A show of dominance was made by the horns in the last minute of the third quarter with a full court press against the Horns.

The last quarter was a swift and controlled end to the game with the Horns winning with a final score of 49-9.

Amanda Khumalo, shooting guard of the Golden Horns, told Wits Vuvuzela that this was an opportunity to work on the weaknesses of the new players and communication skills of the first team.

“It was a really good game and nice game. We were able to work on our weaknesses because the team is a mix of the Lady Bucks and new beginners,” Khumalo said.

Referee of the game, Rudo Kaseke, told Wits Vuvuzela, “Blue Bucks actually have a lot more developing players but you can see that they are getting a bit more confidence.

“Towards the end, they did play a little better and they were moving with more confidence.

“It was a bit of an unfair advantage that Golden Horns had all its players, including the senior players. The Blue Bucks ladies weren’t around but so far they are doing better,” added Kaseke.

Boitshoko Ramokgapa, scoresheet and clock operator, expressed optimism for the Horns to make it into the semi-finals.

“The Golden Horns are definitely going to make [it to] top two or semi-finals, that is definite,” said Ramokgapa.

“The Blue Horns have a lot of work to do but if they can work on their defence, they’ll be fine,” she added.

The next matches for the league will be played August 30.

FEATURED IMAGE: Amanda Khumalo, shooting guard, makes a goal for the Golden Horns at the Wits Internal Basketball League.  Photo: Tsholanang Rapoo