Knockando wins unexpectedly against Young Bucks.

Knockando Residence welcomed a surprising win of 41-33 against the Young Bucks in the Wits University Internal Basketball League on Friday, August 23 at Hall 29.

The match began with high energy in the first quarter as there was aggressive offence from both sides.

Bucks attempted multiple fast breaks which was promptly put on hold by the defence from Knockando.

The Bucks struggled to get into a rhythm as they made multiple substitutes and swapping of players within the first quarter.

This resulted in starting ten-point lead for Knockando, with a score of 14-4.

Second quarter seemed promising for the Young Bucks with the first half of the quarter saw them close the gap with three-point attempts building their momentum.

Although not successful, it allowed for more rebounds which paid off in two points when players put them back on the board.

Knockando remained calm and focused on their defence but improved performance towards the end of the quarter.

Bucks maintained their strong shooting offence and were able to shave off two points from Knochando’s first quarter lead with a buzzer beater leaving the score at 20-28 for the Bucks.

The return from half time showed an aggressive offence from Knockando together with a strong defence.

This stopped all attempts from Bucks and created room for Knockando to extend their lead. This caused Bucks to retreat into their defence which slowed Knockando down towards the end leaving the third quarter score at 35-26 for Knockando.

Knockando played extremely well due to the lack of communication amongst the Bucks team players with a strong man-on-man defence in the last quarter which secured them the win with a score of 41-33.

“I think the defence is that best part of our game,” said Albert Jere, small forward for Knockando.

Knockando’s point guard, Jason Mukendi, told Wits Vuvuzela, “I was expecting a challenge, but this game was too easy. We need tough challengers but it felt like a walk through, at least we had fun,” he said.

Scoresheet and clock operator, Boitshoko Ramokgapa, told Wits Vuvuzela that for a residence Knockando played well.

“I think their training is going really well, because they play basketball seasonally for like one block and I think they are doing a good job,” she said.

“I think Young Bucks needs to play as a team and not individuals, because what they are doing is that they are individuals trying to play together which doesn’t really work.”

Rudo Kaseke, referee, said “It was surprising because I thought that the Young Bucks were going to win and I thought they were a stronger team.

“But it turns out Knockando has been practicing so it means a lot and that the res teams are doing the most, they are practicing, [and] they are working on getting the title,” she said.

Jere told Wits Vuvuzela that this game was to build chemistry for their small team coming from last week’s loss to EOH.

“We want to win this whole thing,” he said.

FEATURED IMAGE: Albert Jere, small forward, shooting a goal for Knockando at the Wits Internal Basketball League. Photo: Tsholanang Rapoo