On a chilly Johannesburg night, Campus Africa FC took a victory back to their Rissik street residence.  

The Campus Africa football club topped the Wits Internal League’s second division blue team log with 4 -1 over Marshall FC on Monday, May 30, 2022, at Wits’ Sturrock Park stadium.  

Though both team’s passionate defence made the first half a nail-biter with the score standing at 2-0 by half-time, Campus Africa pulled through in the second half scoring the three goals that secured their win and the leading spot in their division’s log.  

Campus Africa’s coach, Spha Gumede, said this win is a result of the “strong team” he has been trying to build over the semester. Gumede conceded that Marshall FC is a “good team” that did not go out without a fight.   

However, Marshall FC’s striker, Sphesihle Mbokane only managed to restore the team’s dwindling energy in the second half with a penalty goal that came 15 minutes before the clock ran out. This is one of the few moments the team could surpass Campus Africa’s laser-focused goalie, Hendrick Makhomisane.  

Despite being disappointed by the results, Marshall FC’s coach, Smangaliso Madonsela said he was impressed by his players’ performance. His team adhered to their primary strategy which was to “stress them (Campus Africa FC) out” and take advantage of this to score. “It worked in the first half,” explains Madonsela but “most mistakes were made in the second half”.  

A Marshall FC fan, Sam Zitha, during half-time, though soon to be disappointed once the game concluded, exclaimed that his team had a “100%” chance of winning. The results of the second half were not, however, a surprise for Campus Africa’s spirited supporters. “We know how Campus Africa [plays], so chances are, they will win,” said one supporter during half-time.  

Supporters for both teams maintained their energy by singing and dancing throughout the evening despite the night’s temperature dropping to 3°.  

The teams are due to return to the pitch on August 1, 2022, once the second semester is in full swing. 

FEATURED IMAGE: Campus Africa FC player preparing for a throw in. Photo: Rufaro Chiswo