Braamies loot Puma Store

Shopping spree for Braamies


Puma Staff cleaning up after the break in.                                                                                                                                                Photo: Nobathembu Zantsi


What do the students want?

Students taking part in the #FeesMustFall protest have outlined internal lists of demands by students.


Student leaders at the universities have called for campuses shutdown in response to the announcement made by the higher education minister, Dr Blade Nzimande, earlier last week that there will be a tuition fee increase in 2017.

REVOLUTION: Wits students protest march towards the Chamber of Mines to hand over a memorandum of demands. Photo: Nokuthula Zwane

REVOLUTION: Wits students protest march towards the Chamber of Mines to hand over a memorandum of demands.                                                                                                                           Photo: Nokuthula Zwane

However the proposed 8% fee increase was not well accepted by the students who have demanded free education.
Wits University, University of Cape Town (UCT), University of Pretoria, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, University of Limpopo, University of Johannesburg and Tshwane University of Technology are among the higher education institutions that are experiencing protest action.
Students taking part in the #FeesMustFall protest have outlined internal lists of demands by students.
The common thing that the students are proposing is no financial exclusion of any student at the education institutions, free quality, and decolonising education to students. The students further suggest that the universities must commit to clearance of all the historical debt of the students including the release of all degrees withheld due to fees outstanding.
Safety is still a concern to students. All students across the universities demand the removal of all private security on campuses. They demand that the police must be unarmed on campuses and no legal action should be taken against students who were suspended while participating in the current protest.
Transformation seems to be one of the key issues among other demands. The UCT students suggest that the university needs to look into a class discrimination policy, in conjunction with students, so as to ensure that only those who do not have the financial status to be in private accommodation are accommodated in the residence system.
The workers and students have expressed solidarity and they demand that there should be protection against victimisation for workers participating in protests and they must not be subject to any disciplinary action for partaking in the protest.
The UCT students are demanding that there should be a transparent and consistent insourcing process that includes students as active participants in the process.
Students proposed that accommodation fees should not be paid upfront at residences and students should be allowed to move in upon registration. Wits students have also demanded that residence fees must not increase.
“We will not stop until the ANC delivers on the promises it made 21 years ago,” said Kefentse Mkhari, incoming Wits SRC president.




University of Limpopo shut down indefinitely

Management of the University of Limpopo (UL) in Limpopo Polokwane, has suspended all academic activities as a result of the violent student protests that have escalated this week, following the FeesMustFall movement taking place countrywide.

SHUTDOWN: University of Limpopo has announced a "immediate shutdown" of all academic activities. Photo: Provided

SHUTDOWN: The University of Limpopo has been closed indefinitely after students clashed with police. Photo: Provided


Knockandians win 2016 debate tournament

Knockandians win the 2016 All Residence Debate Tournament.


THE Wits Knockando Hall of Residence in Parktown has won the annual All Residence Council (ARC) Debate tournament which was held last week at the Medhurst dining hall on the Education campus.

SOME OF THE SPEAKERS:  From right Thabang Mabula(1st speaker), Uvir Naidoo (3rd Speaker), Yashvir Bunwarie(head coach), Ntsundeni Ndou(student development) and Yao Neo Agbenyegah (2nd speaker). 4 out of the 6 Knockando speakers ranked in the top 5 speakers of the competition. These debaters were Uvir Naidoo, Luxolo Matyeni, Thabang Mabula, and Gershom Chauke.    Photo: Provided.

SOME OF THE SPEAKERS: From right Thabang Mabula, Uvir Naidoo, Yashvir Bunwarie, Ntsundeni Ndou and Yao Neo Agbenyegah.
                                                                                                                       Photo: Provided

This is the first time the Knockandians have won the championships. They beat Parktown Village Residences in the finals by debating the topic “This house regrets the wearing of political paraphernalia during the Fees Must Fall protests”.

Head coach of Knockando, Yashvir Bunwarie, who coached the team for the first time this year, said they trained twice week for about two months. “This was needed because 90% of the team had no debating experience,” said Bunwarie.

He said that despite the challenges of getting the debaters to keep to the structure and engage with the matter they each brought up, they still managed to win the tournament.

Knockando’s Uvir Naidoo, who was part of the KwaZulu-Natal provincial debating team in 2012, was crowned the best speaker of the tournament. Naidoo said one of the challenges he faced was coming up with solid arguments to win the debates. “Debating helps me to think on the spot and actually promotes my ability to speak in public,” said Naidoo.

Second-year actuarial science student, Kovisha Ganess, a Reith resident, ranked sixth in the top 10 best speakers, said that debating taught her to argue for her beliefs more confidently.

One of the ARC Tournament organisers, Solly Nzunza, said the aim of the ARC debate tournament is to develop significant skills like public speaking, the ability to debate rationally, problem solving, critical thinking and presenting compelling arguments, “which we deem to be lucrative skills that every student needs to master across various disciplines”.

“It is intended to allow residences to compete for a prize and represent their residence (which plays a significant role in our pride and identity in our respective residences), because competition is good and it inspires us to do our best,” said Nzunza.

The tournament started in August and finished last Saturday, September 10. Ten residences and 18 teams took part.

Wits Lady Bucks to play in the semi-finals

Wits Lady Bucks ready to play in the semi-finals.


THE Wits Lady Bucks Basketball team has qualified for the semi-finals of Gauteng University Basketball League. The Lady Bucks will be playing against  (UJ) Galaxy on Sunday to fight for a spot in the finals.

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Some of the Wits Lady Bucks warming up.       Photo: Wendy Mothata

MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Some of the Wits Lady Bucks warming up.
                                                                                                                      Photo: Wendy Mothata

This follows Lady Bucks’ journey which started with a loss to Vaal University of Technology last week before picking up in their subsequent matches against North West University and Wits Bucks Ladies.

As the ladies prepare for the encounter, captain Modiegi Mokoka said the team is more concerned with its mental readiness ahead of a “harsh physical play UJ tends to bring forth in games. “
Mokoka outlined that the team needs to overcome fatigue and push on in an aggressive environment.

“The biggest challenge has been remaining cohesive as a team because of the nature of the academic schedule all the students are currently facing. We’ve gone through games without particular players on and off, which means that the team will have to constantly adjust to the manner in which we play each game,” Mokoka said.

The Lady Bucks have been reaching the semi-finals since 2011. “It’s nothing special honestly, we’re quite accustomed to being in the semi-finals, so this is the last step to what actually makes us nervous – which is the final itself,” said Mokoka.

Mokoka said that she is confident that the team will win the game. “We will definitely win the semi and play the league final in October. It’s truly a choice left up to our team at this point. We are a stronger team,” she said.




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Wrapping up basketball tournament

The annual Wits Lady Bucks Basketball Tournament ended on Sunday with the under-18 Mozambique National Team and Michael Mount Waldorf School winning the tournament, in the first and second divisions respectively.

In first division Mozambiqe’s Delma Zita scored more than 21 points to help her team crush V & J 64 to 41 in the final match of the tournament on Sunday.

FIRST DIVISION WINNERS: Under-18 Mozambique National Team dabs for the cup.               Photo: Wendy Mothata

FIRST DIVISION WINNERS: Under-18 Mozambique National Team dabs for the cup.
                                                                                                                                                   Photo: Wendy Mothata


Mozambique delivered outstanding performance from the first match of the tournament, winning all their games. In the semi-finals Mozambique defeated North West University (Vaal) by 41 to 29.

Silvia Amadeu Veloso, Mozambique player, said that basketball is no longer just a game to her but a way of life.

“I love basketball lifestyle and we are having good basketball professionals back at home who inspire us,” said Veloso.

Veloso said that the team played well from the beginning of the tournament, “We really played well, even though some games were intense and intimidating but we finally managed to win.”

Michael Mount won in the second division against A Town Ladies by 50 to 37.  The high school ladies hammered Lakers Basketball Club in the semi-finals by 38 to 19.

Lakers player Charlene Dhlohlo, said that her team trained hard for the tournament even though the team was out in the semi-finals. “It is disappointing that we didn’t make it to the finish line but I hope we will make it next year.”

Tshego Modise, Michael Mount captain, said that her team played well and what helped them to win the tournament was a good team work.

IMG_2060 (2)

SECOND DIVISION WINNERS: Michael Mount Waldorf School celebrating their victory.                      Photo: Wendy Mothata

“It’s all about passing the ball not individual skills,” said Modise.

Michael Mount coach Dubravka Lunnemann said that they attend the tournament every year and the ladies have shown a huge improvement.

“I’m proud of how the ladies played though out the tournament,” said Lunnemann.

The tournament was a celebration of the Lady Ballers and to honour all women across South Africa.